Fixed-Phage Ltd was formed in 2011 and is based at purpose-built laboratories within the University of Strathclyde, one of Scotlandís leading universities. Fixed-Phage has its origins in cross-disciplinary applied research undertaken at the University.

The focus was development of practical solutions to address the major health and commercial sector problems caused by bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance.

The broad aim was to develop technology to allow some of natureís most potent antimicrobial agents to be utilised within a new armory of products suitable for control of bacterial disease and contamination.


Two of the most potent antimicrobial agents known to man - antibiotics and bacteriophages - occur naturally.

Antibiotics, such as penicillin, are produced naturally by mould and became useful in the fight against infection once methods for manufacture and product formulation were developed.

Bacteria are now frequently resistant to antibiotics, and infection and contamination are once again causing major healthcare concerns.

Bacteriophages are equally potent, naturally occurring antimicrobial agents. As highly specialised viruses that target only bacteria,

their potential as a means of controlling bacterial disease has long been recognised in the scientific community.

In fact bacteriophages have evolved so that their action is specific for particular bacteria. For example, certain bacteriophages attack only Staphylococcus aureus and so are potentially very useful in counteracting the malign effects of MRSA. Furthermore, bacteriophages evolve continually, frustrating attempts by their target bacteria to develop resistance.

Key Objectives

The team at Strathclyde realised that the key to the wider application of bacteriophages lay in resolving problems associated with locating them advantageously while improving their stability. The technology developed by the team overcomes these problems and allows the antimicrobial potential of bacteriophages to be fully realised on a commercial scale, across many fields and with application in both new and existing products.