Replacing antibiotics
in the food chain

Reducing food spoilage
from farm to shelf

Patented, scalable
and cost-effective


The technologies developed by Fixed Phage are platform technologies and have the ability to address a wide range of applications in society.

This flexibility derives from the underpinning immobilisation technology, which can coat a diverse range of substrates with phages, thereby giving the base substrate inherent anti-microbial properties.

The patented immobilisation technology can allow us to fix phages onto substrates as diverse as plastic sheets and powders.


We work with both leading commercial partners as well as academia to deliver products that target specific bacterial issues within our core areas of industry.

Each of our partners has different capabilities that complement our own and together we design projects that have defined outcomes, whether that is creation of a new product range or pushing forward the boundaries of science.

News & Press

Innovation Award for fighting bacteria in aquaculture

In competition with 18 companies at Seafood Innovation Day NASF 2018, the seafood industry’s own innovation award went to Scottish Innovation Company Fixed Phage, which develops products that can fight […]

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Skotsk selskap dro hjem innovasjonspris (Norwegian)

Fixed Phage får med seg 250.000 etter å ha vunnet frem i konkurranse med 18 gründerselskaper innen sjømat.

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Scottish biotech company wins Innovation Award at NASF

By using naturally occurring ‘phages’, company can challenge nearly any bacterial disease impacting the aquaculture industry — including EMS and SRS.

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