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Anti-EMS tech firm close to market launch on salmon, tilapia treatments

DATE: 10th October 2017
PUBLICATION: Undercurrent News

DUBLIN, Ireland — Biotechnology firm Fixed Phage (PG) — which works with industry partners to develop bacteria-killing products using its patented processes — is close to commercial agreements on treatments for a number of species, commercial director Athol Haas told Undercurrent News.

FP uses its technology to irreversibly coat surfaces in bacteriophages (phages) — naturally-occurring, organic microbes that target and destroy specific bacteria — thereby making them inherently anti-bacterial.

In a practical sense, this means — for instance — being able to coat shrimp feed in phages which kill the bacteria causing early mortality syndrome (EMS); the “single biggest issue” the company has targeted, said Haas.

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Feed pellets passing under a ‘corona’ of ionized gas, in preparation for bonding phage solution.

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