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Fixed Phage appoints Chief Commercial Officer to accelerate the commercialisation of its proprietary anti-bacterial platform

DATE: 26th May 2020

Fixed Phage, (the “Company”) the UK biotechnology company developing and commercialising unique, anti-infective technologies based on bacteriophage immobilisation and stabilisation, today announces the appointment of Dr Gordon Jamieson as Chief Commercial Officer.

Dr Gordon Jamieson’s appointment comes as the Company rapidly accelerates global commercialisation of its world-leading bacteriophage platform.

Gordon has over 30 years’ industry experience in the successful development, scale-up and commercialisation of new innovative technologies across the life science and chemical industries. More recently in a number of commercial roles at Aqdot Limited, an advanced molecular capture technology disrupter, where as a member of the leadership team, securing commercial licencing and collaborative development projects.

Commenting on the appointment, David Browning, CEO of Fixed Phage said: “We are delighted to welcome Gordon to the team at Fixed Phage. Our robust intellectual property can deliver sustainable, global solutions to bacterial problems, including antibiotic resistance, across a range of industries including agricultural productivity, food freshness and animal health. Gordon’s comprehensive knowledge and experience in negotiating global licence deals and product launches, throughout these key channels, will be invaluable in accelerating our progress through collaborations with national and international blue-chip partners, to maximise the impact of our proprietary platform”.

Gordon Jamieson added: “I am delighted to be joining (to have joined) Fixed Phage at this pivotal time in its commercial development.  The Company’s innovative disruptive phage stabilisation technology presents a unique opportunity within a wide spectrum of industries, potential partners and society as a whole. All of which will benefit through applying this technology and controlling the adverse effects of bacteria, without resorting to conventional biocides and antibacterial products.” 


David Browning, CEO
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Notes to Editors:

Fixed Phage is a biotechnology company developing and commercialising unique, patented, anti-infective technologies based on bacteriophage immobilisation and stabilisation. It is in possession of a well-proven and comprehensively patented surface modification technology, hat irreversibly attaches and immobilises bacteriophage on a wide range of carrier materials, thereby creating biologically active, antimicrobial surfaces. Bacteriophages are natural antibiotics that can kill pathogenic bacteria while leaving the rest of the bacterial population intact.

Fixed Phage’s technology can be applied across a number of industries with a key focus on: Animal Health, Food Packaging, Acquaculture and Human Health & Wellbeing.

Fixed Phage announced in March 2020 a strategic collaboration with Carus Animal Health, in the companion animal field, to identify, develop and commercialise stable and specific bacteriophages and their application through Fixed Phage’s patented technology.

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