Revolutionary Bacteriophage Tech for Targeted Ag Disease Management

DATE: 27th October 2017

Athool Haas, as a Fixed-Phage representative, introduces the company’s innovative use of bacteriophage technology to target specific bacterial diseases in agriculture. With a proven track record in combating EMS shrimp, Fixed-Phage also collaborates with global commercial partners to address challenges like summer gut syndrome in yellowtail kingfish and specific issues in farmed salmon in South America.

Bacteriophage technology, a pre-antibiotic discovery, has long been employed in Eastern Europe and Russia as an alternative to antibiotics. Fixed-Phage has made significant advancements in this field, offering solutions to a wide range of agricultural problems. Our groundbreaking approach presents a promising alternative for the industry and could have significant implications for the future of disease management in farming.

Athol Haas explains how Fixed Phage could hold the key to defeating EMS (and other aquaculture killers) in the video below:

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