Fixed Phage volunteer support for Refuweegee

DATE: 8th December 2022

“We’re all fae somewhere”

Fixed Phage volunteer support for Refuweegee Staff at Fixed Phage was delighted to be able to support our local charity Refuweegee during a corporate volunteering day on the 8th of December.

Refuweegee was set up in 2015 to provide a warm welcome to forcibly displaced people arriving in Glasgow. As part of this work, the aim is to enable the existing community in extending the friendly welcome that Glasgow is world-renowned for. The very simple objective is to make the world a nicer place to live, and through this objective, Refuweegee has been able to provide over 10,000 community-built, personal welcome packs and emergency support packs to people all over Glasgow and across Scotland.

With a diverse and international team at Fixed Phage, we are proud to have been able to support the good work at Refuweegee and are committed to supporting local charitable organisations.

Refuweegee (ref-u-wee-gee) noun – A person who upon arrival in Glasgow is embraced by the people of the city, a person considered to be local – see also Glaswegian.

“We are delighted to be able to volunteer at Refuweegee as an integral part of our extensive environmental and social activities at Fixed Phage, these opportunities are always well received by staff, in fact, the volunteering was oversubscribed, which just goes to show how important the work at Refuweegee is.” – Albulena Zhara, Laboratory Scientist and event’s organiser.

Find out more about Refuweegee by visiting their website.

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