SNP MP visit to Fixed Phage

DATE: 16th December 2022

Fixed Phage was delighted to host Carol Monaghan MP to our Glasgow facilities, Carol is the SNP constituency MP for Glasgow Northwest and a member of the House of Commons Science and Technology committee.

During the visit, we introduced Carol to Fixed Phage. We were able to showcase our newly refurbished laboratory facilities at the West of Scotland Science Park which supports our core technology programme and includes an extensive knowledge and skills base in phage-based solutions.

The visit came as the House of Commons committee announced a recommendation for an inquiry into the use of bacteriophages as an alternative to antimicrobials, at Fixed Phage we welcomed the announcement and Carol’s visit as we see Scottish biotechnology companies playing a pivotal role in the mission to tackle antimicrobial resistance, now seen as an increasingly pressing issue in both animal health and human health.

David Browning, CEO of Fixed Phage said:

It was a great pleasure to host Carol Monaghan MP at our facilities in Glasgow, everything we do at Fixed Phage aims to play a part in addressing antimicrobial resistance. We were delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the current and future plans of the company in developing phage solutions and taking these to market, as well as discussing how Scottish biotechnology businesses can further stimulate and develop the advancement of phage to address antimicrobial resistance.

Carol Monaghan MP said: 

Antimicrobial resistance presents a growing challenge to our ability to successfully treat infection in humans and animals.  Having previously taken evidence on antimicrobial resistance, The Science and Technology Committee have prioritised an inquiry into the use of bacteriophages as a potential alternative to conventional antibiotics.  Therefore, this visit to Fixed Phage was timely and I was most impressed to see the development of such cutting-edge technology here in Glasgow.

I look forward to seeing this biotechnology business flourish and will watch with interest as Fixed Phage strive to tackle this serious global issue.

About Fixed Phage:

fixed phage logo

Fixed Phage is a biotechnology company developing and commercialising unique, proprietary, anti-infective technologies based on bacteriophage immobilisation and stabilisation. It is developing a well-proven and comprehensively patented surface modification technology, that irreversibly attaches and stabilises bacteriophages on a wide range of carrier materials, thereby creating biologically active interventions.

Bacteriophages are natural antibiotics that can target and kill problem bacteria while leaving the beneficial bacteria intact. They are biodegradable and made from renewable materials.

Fixed Phage’s technology can be applied across several industries including Aquaculture, Animal and Human Health & Wellbeing.

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