Who we work with

Our business model includes commercialisation, research and continuous development.

In each core area, we often work closely with partners across the world. Within commercialisation, our partners mainly consist of multi-billion dollar multinationals with whom we are co-developing new products in each of our applications and we have a maturing pipeline of exciting new products preparing for launch in the coming months. The potential for bacteriophage based technology is significant, both as an alternative to antibiotics and as an antimicrobial (treatment or prophylactic) in its own right.


Fixed Phage prides itself in the continuous development of our core IP and in expanding our portfolio to further understand the potential of bacteriophages. In order to push the boundaries forwards, we work both internally and with partners from academia and industry. Currently, we work with partners in Scandinavia, China, USA, Baltic, EU and Latin America. Projects are a mixture of grant, industry and company supported.


If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please get in touch here.